With more than 4 Million+ followers spread across social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, I was humbled to be listed as one of the “Most Promising Youth Icons” in India to use “Social media” for good organized by Facebook. The event was moderated by the global icon Priyanka Chopra and I still feel it’s one of the best recognition I have got for my social work as an influencer.


I am never afraid to voice my opinions free of inhibitions and have been lucky to share my own journey and experiences in various events like TedX, Josh Talks, Ink Talk etc.

In a country where women are oppressed in every corner, I strongly believe in fighting for them through my craft and also my activism. From making my home town the first city to have sanitary napkin vending machine in all her public toilets in India to making content to fight against patriarchy – I am all in for any fight I have to do for women empowerment.